Commercial Real Estate Title Services in Tell City, Evansville, IN & Owensboro, KY

Commercial Real Estate Title Services in Tell City, Evansville, IN & Owensboro, KY

Commercial real estate transactions are growing more complicated every day. Bosse Title Company can help simplify things for you. We have the right combination of experienced professionals, technology and ingenuity to get your deals closed.

Bosse Title Company has the very best people in the business - experienced, responsive and dedicated professionals who understand all aspects of the real estate process. Our personnel have experience with a wide variety of transactions including commercial/industrial and new development.

We have the knowledge and ingenuity necessary to handle today's complex transactions. We can support you through changing legal requirements, customer service demands and anything else your business requires. We're ready to simplify your transaction.

With one call or click of the mouse, you have convenient access to the most commanding scope of services available.

  • There are approximately 78 billion square feet of commercial space in the U.S. Office space accounts for 17 percent; retail space accounts for 16 percent; and, educational spaces and warehouses each account for 14 percent of the total.
  • There are approximately 5.2 million commercial buildings, of which 65 percent are two stories or less.
  • Office buildings are estimated to have median lifetimes of 73 years, while warehouses have estimated median lifetimes of 80 years.
  • 73 percent of all commercial buildings-over 3.5 million buildings-are less than 10,000 square feet, accounting for approximately 20 percent of total commercial space.
  • 35 percent of commercial space is found in 2.2 percent of commercial buildings larger than 100,000 square feet.